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    Christmas Envy

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s when gifts are given and received. It’s when vacations and breaks are encouraged. It’s when trees, store windows, homes and buildings are decorated. It’s when lights brighten up cities. It’s when kindness is celebrated.

    It’s when I wish I had a Christmas Tree.

    But don’t mistake that desire for the yearning of a Hanukkah Bush or Hannukah Tree. There’s no such thing. I mean, let’s face it, Santa’s more real than that.

    Although I have much pride for my religion, I’ve always wanted a Christmas tree. Not because of the light schemes I’d put together every year and the significant and unique ornaments and charms I’d collect, and not because of the many presents under it that I’d gift and receive, but because of what it all represents.

    There’s something about Christmas that warms my heart. And this feeling of warmth and overall Christmas joy occurs at the strangest times.

    My Christmas Spirit- or what I like to call Christmas Envy- is in full force this season in New York City.

    Starbucks. It could be the tunes. Or perhaps it’s the Christmas decorated gift cards and “holiday” drinks available. Maybe it’s the Christmas décor throughout the shops and the chipper employees. Or maybe it’s a combination. But from the moment I step in- usually before I’ve had my morning jolt- I am instantly filled with holiday cheer. Who even needs the coffee? I should walk in, save myself the three bucks, and get out of there. The funny thing is, I’ve never even ordered Peppermint Mocha or a Gingerbread Latte, but just the fact that it exists, excites me. The other day, Starbuck’s seasonal “Let it Snow” album was blasting. As Bocelli’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” blared, I rhythmically tested with a friend while waiting in line. I smiled as Neil Diamond’s rendition of “Little Drummer Boy Came On.” Then, once Aretha’s “Winter Wonderland” came on and I still hadn’t ordered, I realized that I had waited in line for over 12 minutes, and Starbucks’s “holiday magic” had me in such a trance that I didn’t even care.

    If I were at any other coffee shop… at any other time of the year…waiting in line for 12 minutes… before I had my morning cup of coffee and breakfast, I would have lost my mind. Or at least left in a huff. As I walked home sipping on my un-festive skinny vanilla latte, I still was under the Christmas spell.

    Television. I love the gift recommendations, the holiday tips, the commercials, and the overall Christmassness that’s all over TV. The other day I was absorbing all the Christmas Party Health Tips on The View. Apparently, I’m supposed to avoid eggnog at all costs. Right after making the mental note, I realized that I probably won’t attend a party this year that serves eggnog. But I still watch the shows, and absorb the tips. I can’t help it. I also love the Christmas episodes of TV series before the show would take a 2-3 week break. Full House, Family Matters, Saved by the Bell, 90210… I cant get enough of the reruns that are played around Christmas time.

    Breaks. As a kid, it was Christmas Vacation that made me want to celebrate Christmas.  But then, as I got older, although it was called other names such as “Holiday Break” or “Time Off” or “PTO,” I wanted to celebrate Christmas more. There’s nothing better than putting something off until “after Christmas.” I’ve been doing it for 27 years. My workout regimen- it will start “after the holidays.” Finding an agency to work with- ehhh, we’ll deal with that after Christmas.

    Sales and Gifts. The sales, the discounts, the bargains, and the department store windows promoting this. This season makes me want to shop, snag a deal, and buy Christmas gifts for everyone and anyone I know. The overall branding does it for me too. Take anything- m&m’s, flannel pajamas, scarves- and make them red and green or tie a red or green ribbon around it… and I’m sold. This is the time when you want Oprah to shout about her favorite things. And you really couldn’t care less what she’s plugging. You just want it.

    Embracing the Cold. This is the only time when you want it to be cold. This is when you hope it snows and snows and snows.  This is when freezing your ass off, as your nose drips, and as you can barely breathe is charming.

    This year, there’s no Oprah. And I’ll be in Florida. And I won’t really have much exposure to big city lights and robustly decorated store windows. But that’s the thing about Christmas. Once you’ve seen the lights, trekked through the snow, and watched the Full House Christmas episode… despite what you’re religion is, if you’re on a beach, or if Oprah’s off the air… you feel Christmas in the air. It doesn’t matter if you’re drinking a plain old skinny vanilla latte or a festive Peppermint Mocha.

    … and on that note, I will be taking a break until “after the holidays.”


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      oh the weather outside is frightful….bocelli :) now your talking.

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